Finding the right hostel isn’t always super easy! It can always be a risk as most travelers have different standards when it comes to backpacking. After spending quite a while in Canggu, Bali, I heard many things about hostels and I also stayed in different ones. I thought I’d help you guys find the perfect hostel to make sure you enjoy your time in Canggu!


Why Every Backpacker Should Stay in Canggu While in Indonesia


If it’s your first time in Indonesia it can be overwhelming when it comes to deciding where you should go. People seem to have the wrong idea about Bali. We picture it as a smaller island than it actually is! Bali is huge! There are many great spots to discover while you’re there but one of the all-time favorites for backpackers is definitely Canggu!

Why’s that?

With its hipster, bohemian and surfer vibes there’s something special to please everybody. It doesn’t really matter if you’re here to learn how to surf, party, practice yoga or try some of the best dishes out there. Canggu is basically a little town where many expats and digital nomads decided to live. Then you add a bunch of backpackers around and you end up being surrounded by a community!

Bonus: it’s also one of the cheapest destinations in Bali if you compare it to places like Kuta, Uluwatu or Seminyak.


What to look out for when booking your hostel in Canggu, Bali


Personally, I love staying in hostels as it allows me to meet new people. The atmosphere is actually one of the reasons that will make me love or remember a hostel. Of course, this means you want to stay somewhere where there’s something going on!

If you aren’t comfortable with the idea of riding a scooter then you should also consider the location of your hostel so you can walk easily to every good restaurant and bar around you. Otherwise, driving a scooter will make your life easier!

I know the ocean is free, but who would say no to a pool? Many hostels offer a pool in Bali and you might want to make sure yours does too!

If your hostel provides a kitchen and excellent Wi-Fi, it can’t get any better!

I’d also suggest that you read reviews prior to your booking to make sure you get a positive experience out of your trip.


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Top & Best Backpacker Hostels in Canggu, Bali, Indonesia


The Farm Hostel Canggu


The Farm Hostel is one of the favorite hostels amongst backpackers. They have a unique setting and it will make your experience in Canggu even better! It’s known for its cool atmosphere and the only things that could influence your decision would be the price and the location which is a bit far from the beach. Although, if you’re driving a scooter there shouldn’t be any problems.


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La Boheme Canggu


La Boheme Canggu is a brand new hostel that opened back in September 2017. I’ve been spending most of my time in Canggu there as I love the place, the setting and their location (which is pretty close to Berawa Beach and surrounded by amazing restaurants such as Two Trees Eatery, Nude Café, Creamery and C’ugh House). The atmosphere is always great despite the fact that it isn’t a huge hostel.


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Farmer’s Yard Hostel, Canggu

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I stayed at Farmer’s Yard Hostel in 2016 and I truly enjoyed the family and green vibes you can find there! They don’t provide a pool but you can still enjoy the friendly vibes offered in this cute and small hostel.


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The Tipsy Gypsy, Canggu


The Tipsy Gypsy is probably the hostel with the perfect location as it’s close to the beach and to popular bars such as the Old Man’s Restaurant. It is also new and known for its cool atmosphere. It seems that this place could be a great option!


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The Jungle House, Canggu


The Jungle House has exceptional reviews on Their rooms are pretty unique and different and they have the reputation of being super clean! They also provide a kitchen as well as a pool and people seem to enjoy their chill vibes!


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WaterBorn Bali, Canggu


WaterBorn Bali is a mix of backpacking vibes and luxury villa living! You can book a dorm or a private room and catch the sun on their sun deck! Located in a quiet area, it’s also not that far from the best spots in town such as Crate Café and Deus. Bonus: their dorms are constituted of single beds instead of bunk beds!


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Have you ever been to Canggu? Where did you stay?


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