About me


My name is Melissa (feel free to call me Mel) and I’m a French Canadian!

A few years ago, Melissa used to be a social worker and a travel agent.  She was traveling once a year – and she wasn’t very happy with her case load.  She asked herself; “What would I do if I wasn’t scared?”.

She ended up selling everything.  She left with a one-way ticket and some creepy guys followed her in Turkey – so she had to come back home a few weeks later.  (That sucks, doesn’t it?)

One year later, she tried it again, because she was determined.

(…Okay, let’s stop writing with the third person thing, because I’m the one writing this, aren’t I?)

I’ve been traveling/living abroad since June 2014! My journey started in the Canadian Rockies where I had for mission to improve my terrible English skills.  And then, magic happened!

No, I didn’t become fluent, but I did buy a flight to Australia! It became my home for nearly two years; I fell in love with a British gentleman – we became dairy farmers – and we lived in a van!

Since 2014, I’ve been home twice! I don’t have many plans – but living in Canada long-term isn’t one of them!  After Australia, I went backpacking in Southeast Asia – and since a few months, I’m temporarily based in the Europe.

Feeling trapped somewhere is my worse nightmare – so, I’m happily making the most of Ryanair – and all the great deals I can find!

Other than that, I’m a budget traveler – I’d rather invest my money in flights and experiences than in a castle.  Don’t get me wrong, once in a while, I do appreciate luxury – but I like to keep my bank account happy!

To make this lifestyle possible, knowing I’m pretty broke most of the time, I became a digital nomad in 2016.

-Please, insert many more adventures here.-

That’s it – that’s my story.

Are you happy with your life?

What are you waiting for and more importantly, what would you do if you weren’t scared?