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Hey! My name is Melissa Giroux. I am originally from Quebec, Canada! I decided to challenge myself and write an English blog.  It all started with a crazy idea.  And so far… so good!

 I hope you are enjoying reading my stories! It sounds exotic, isn’t it?

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A for Adventure!  Adventure…. with a capital letter!

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So, who am I?

I fell in love with Europe 4 times!  Every time that I had to go back home, I was the one crying on the plane.  I like home… BUT.  I LOVE being on the road.  In 2013, I sold everything (or almost) for a long term trip… BUT (yeah, again!)… I am unlucky.  Something happened to me in Turkey and I had to fly back home!  So the next year, in June 2014, I decided to go to Western Canada to improve my English for two months.  So far… I never came back.  I ended up in Australia for a year and a half and I’m currently backpacking my way across the globe.  You can check out my travel plans here!

Life is too short to wait… and too long to worry.  I am an anxious (broken-see the relation here?) and when I’m at home, it also means stress, anxiety, 9-5 shifts…  Which are not for me (well, not for now!).  I am also travelling with debts from home.  AND, it doesn’t stop me.  I am not waiting for the perfect moment, I picked one and I made it perfect.

So, I am a backpacker + I am Broken + I am Broke… AND I am blogging about it.

I always enjoyed writing and to challenge myself despite all my fears! So, I decided to blog… in English.

I decided to combine two passions, two dreams.

I really hope you like what you see, what you read.

If you are starting a blog yourself, feel free to read my secret tips!

Thank you, come again!

Spread the love & jump on board with me!

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