Backpacking across Southeast Asia is pretty popular amongst the backpacking community! Why? It’s cheap, perfect for your tiny budget, ideal for partying and meeting friends along the way! You only have to add in a few bonuses such as food, a tropical climate and breathtaking scenery to want to book your flight!

When it comes to packing your backpack for the trip of a lifetime it can be a mission.  Especially if this is your first trip to Southeast Asia!  I thought I’d help you guys prepare for your big trip by making an easy list of what you should pack for Southeast Asia.


Medical Supplies & Travel Insurance | Backpacking Southeast Asia


After being in Bali for so long everybody seems to know what a “Bali Belly” is. We’ve all been there, struggling with a dodgy stomach and running for that toilet that suddenly seems to be super far! Between the toilet marathon and the flu caused by a pretty powerful A/C there is a high chance that you’ll get sick at some point.  Make sure you bring a first aid kit that includes tablets for headaches and stomach troubles.

Of course, if you ask me, I’m not always prepared for the worst but it can be quite easy to find a pharmacy with the medical supplies you might need abroad. If you’re about to board a plane or an overnight bus with a dodgy stomach you might not have the time to run to the pharmacy!

I met many people who hurt themselves while they’re abroad and of course, you could be luckier than them or than me! We can’t prevent everything though! What if you break your tooth, if you get a naughty bladder infection or if you crash your scooter? It can be quite hard to avoid infections in Asia. A minor cut can become pretty nasty quickly!

To avoid any problems, you should consider getting travel insurance! You can find more information about travel insurance here!


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Fashionable Travel Clothes | Backpacking Southeast Asia


Of course, you don’t have to be fashionable while you’re abroad and you will likely notice a certain tread in Asia! Tank tops, elephant pants and fluffy clothing seem to be pretty popular amongst backpackers!  You can always shop for a new travel wardrobe in Southeast Asia knowing that many other people will also buy some of these trendy comfy clothes.

You should also pack comfortable travel clothing prior to your trip! I recently found Shaka Life which is a pretty unique, original and colorful brand. They stand for friendship, peace, compassion and solidarity that suits perfectly for a beach, ocean vibes kind of traveler.

I love their simple yet fun designs for both women and men!

You should definitely check out their unique collection which is also affordable!


Accessories to Survive the Tropical Weather in Southeast Asia


Grab your straw hat (which Shaka Life has), your sarong, your sunnies and put a bit of sunscreen on and you should be ready to hit the best beaches in Southeast Asia!


Here’s a quick list of packing essentials in Asia! (These links will bring you to Amazon)


Camera Gear & Tech | Backpacking Southeast Asia


Unless your phone takes pretty good pictures already, you might want to consider bringing a camera with you while you’re in Southeast Asia.

I personally always travel with my GoPro and with a few accessories such as a head mount, tripod and underwater case. If a GoPro is a bit out of your budget you could also check out alternatives for underwater cameras.

You should also consider bringing a power bank to charge your phone and other gadgets especially when you’re on a plane or on a long bus ride.

If you work online or if you like to travel with a laptop you can always find cheap and convenient travel laptops that won’t take too much room in your backpack.


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Choose the Right Backpack for Southeast Asia (Opt for a Carry-On!)


To make the most of airfares deals (hello AirAsia!), I always travel with a carry-on only. This way I don’t have to pay for extra luggage and I’ll end up paying for the first fare found on Skyscanner.

My backpack is only 33 litres and it was definitely one of the best purchases I made in my life. It’s super practical and can’t get too heavy!


Getting Ready for Your Trip to Southeast Asia


Here’s a quick checklist of what you need to prepare before going to the next country in Southeast Asia:

  • Do you need a visa? If so, do you need to apply at the embassy or can you do it online? (If you’re heading to Cambodia or Vietnam, I already wrote about their visas!)
  • Do you know anything about the popular scams in this country? Better be safe than sorry!
  • Do you need a flight out of the country as proof of onward travel?


If you are booking your accommodation in advance, feel free to use my affiliate links to book your next hostel: Booking.comAgoda and Hostelworld!

Did I forget anything? What’s your #1 essential item for travel in Southeast Asia?


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