Suffering from a mental health condition can be very challenging and impact on your quality of life. Everyday tasks can become more difficult. Travelling is an eye opening experience however it can also be stressful at times as you are hundreds of miles from your homeland, out your comfort zone and submerged in a culture which may be very different to your own. Although many mental health sufferers may dream of travelling, the thought of things going wrong hundreds of miles from home  with a condition may be very overwhelming and actually prevent many from embarking on travels, which is unfortunate as the benefits of travel is likely to treat mental health. Direct travel insurance have created an infographic which has been put together to help those suffering with mental health conditions travel. It does this by offering 20 simple tips covering various areas of your trip such as ‘before you go’, ‘while travelling’, ‘Medication’ and ‘Help and support’. The thought behind this infographic is that by understanding what to bring, what to plan and having useful contacts in case something goes wrong will limit the number of things likely to go wrong and ensure if things do go wrong, then they can be swiftly put right.


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