Everybody can start a travel blog.  It’s easy to get started!  Having a travel blog is a thing.  Be a travel blogger is another one.  I started blogging in July 2015 and so far, I still love it!  Being a travel blogger is a full-time job… even if you already have a full-time job. Blogging is also putting yourself out there.  It’s taking your life, your time and your heart and throwing it on the Internet.  It’s writing.  It’s socializing.  It’s networking.  It’s promoting. It’s a lot of work!


So, you want to be a travel blogger?


1. Think and think again

First, you’ll have to think about your potential readers.

Who are you writing for?  What’s your niche?  Who would you like to reach?  How?  Which kind of blogs would you like to have?  Which kind of blogs do you like? What would you like to be known for? What makes you different?

Once you answered these questions, you might want to give up… or keep going.


2. Pick a name for your travel blog – this is going to be your domain, your brand.

So, what’s the name of your blog?  Make sure that the Domain is available.  But, think further; make sure this name is also available on every single social media.  Create social media account everywhere: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Tribber, Google Plus, StumbleUpon, Flipboard.  Try to choose something easy to remember.

You might hate your name, later on, so make sure your idea is great, easy to remember and branded!


3. Choose your host

Unless you want to try blogging first, you can sign up with WordPress.com for free.  If you are planning on being serious, I’ll suggest that you self-host your blog and install WordPress.  You can also get your domain with your host!  Personally, I am with BlueHost.  The opinions about this host are controversial.  I have no problem with them, I actually enjoy their support team! It’s also a very cheap option to get started.  If BlueHost didn’t exist, I would probably try Siteground as they have a great reputation too (a lot better than Bluehost, but it’s a bit more expensive though.)

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Dive In – Sign up with Bluehost!


4. Install WordPress

Once you signed up with a host, then, you’ll be able to get into your dashboard to download WordPress. It’s very easy.  The installation is a one-click thing!


5. Make your blog pretty

Your website design (we call it a theme or template) is the first impression your potential readers are going to have once they land on your page, so make sure you make it pretty!  I signed up with Elegant Themes (which gives you access to a big bunch of different themes and plugins (a plugin is an option that you can add to your website to make it faster, better and friendlier). A lot of people sign up with Theme Forest too.


6. They said “create good content”!

It’s time to work!  So, what’s a great post? It’s a post that people are going to love.  You want to keep your readers with you, so make sure you have great content so they will be willing to comment, to subscribe, to follow you and to share it with their friends/followers.  This is how you are going to get traffic.

Do you have a shareable trigger? Can we all relate? Is this better than what you can already find online?


7. It’s not all about writing, it’s also about promoting. (AKA the boring part.)

You can have a look at my secret tips to increase your blog traffic.  I wrote this post after a couple of months blogging.  Now, I feel I discovered a lot more about blogging (and about Instagram!).

If you feel a bit overwhelmed with social media, many of us use Mass Planner.

So, what’s promoting exactly?  Promoting is the way you’ll get your post noticed out there.  Once you have your good content, you’ll probably need some readers… right?  You need to think about marketing/promoting strategies.  It’s a lot of work. It’s hard.  And all new.  But if I managed to do it in English (which is not even my mother tongue), you can do it too!

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Promoting your articles on social media is the best way to get traffic.  You can share your articles on Facebook, grow a Pinterest strategy (Pinterest is my #1 referral now!), join many Blogger’s Facebook Groups where we help each other to grow, and tweet numerous times about it!

Happy blogging!


I want to learn more about this Pinterest course… Please?


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