My Camera

GoPro Hero 4 Silver:


If you enjoy my Instagram, you should know that all shots are coming out of that dear GoPro. ¬†Nothing else to say, I love it and that’s the one with the display! ūüôā

Budget Options for the Broke Backpacker


One of my favorite ways of traveling! ¬†Basically, you surf on a local’s couch. ¬†It’s free and it’s a good opportunity to share your life and your dreams with someone who has the same interests. ¬†I normally use Couchsurfing in Europe!


If you are like me (broke!) and you want a break of couches, this is the perfect way to travel on a budget.  Hostels are cheap and you can also read reviews to have a good idea of where you will end up!  I recommend it all the way!

I recently discover that you can find really great deals on hostels on this website.  Plus, there are a lot of discounts!


A great way to get some comfort without paying too much!  A mix of couchsurfing and a hotel! Click here to get a discount!


Another cheap way to travel is to make an exchange.  Give some of your time in exchange of accommodation and food. Bonus: You share your adventure with locals (and sometimes, other travelers).

Other Travelling Options

Rail Europe:

I am a Europe Lover!  In my 4 trips in Europe, I always used Rail Europe to set up my trips.  Reliable and so easy to understand!


My number 1 to find a cheap flight.


My number 2 to find a cheap flight.

Protect Your Ass - Insurances

Get a travel Insurance with World Nomad and protect yourself on the road!

Backpackers in Australia

Don’t forget to¬†claim your tax back! ¬†You might be richer than you think!

Travel Blogging (or Simple Blogging)

I chose BlueHost for my hosting.  Cheap, supportive and easy!

For my theme, I signed up with Elegant Themes which offers flexibility, lots of theme and good plugins as well!

I currently have Divi and I love it that way!  Need a hand to start your blog?

If you are wondering… I will get a tiny¬†commission¬†if you do buy something. ¬†It’s a win-win!