Packing.  I’m a last-minute packer.  I can’t really say I love packing either.  Packing means that I’m doing the big farewell thing with my tiny wardrobe… again.  Packing is all about smart choices.  You want to bring as many things as you can… without having super heavy luggage.

I had to trash many things in previous trips.  The good thing is; I’m not a materialistic kind of person and I can easily get rid of my own things to avoid paying extra fees on my next flight.  It’s all about priorities I guess.

Many of you are surprised when you see my tiny backpack.  Yes, my backpack is considered as carry-on and I travel very light!

When I heard about the ultimate dress, I was quite curious!  Can one piece of clothing really be many other cool pieces?  I looked it up quickly and thought this could be a game changer in the way I travel.  Could I manage to travel even lighter?

Kameleon Rose created the ultimate travel dress.  This one dress actually has some magical powers.  It’s convertible, quick drying and sustainable and it features a secret and secure pocket.  This one dress becomes more than 20 different outfits.  If this is not the best travel dress out there, I don’t know what this is.  Let’s be original together!

While the caterpillar becomes a butterfly, this unique travel dress knows many cool tricks. From the comfortable travel pants to the travel blouse, you can wear as many types of dress as you want.  Also available in different colors, you will impress everyone with your original summer dress.


The story behind Kameleon Rose


The founder, Leila Rose, is also a traveler.  She realized traveling could be tiring and this travel dress would be a great way to make it easier! If you’d rather pack less (or more), then the ultimate travel dress will allow you to do so.

All dresses are conceived in Madagascar with love!  All worker’s conditions are fair and ethical.  That means that this cute dress you could wear also has a positive impact!


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Now, let’s have a look at the ultimate travel dress and let’s see how I pack.


Do you travel light?  What are your best packing tips?  Do you think this travel dress would be a good fit for your packing list?


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