Between the blues, colorful vibes and baroque architecture, Malta is the hidden jewel of the Mediterranean sea. The perfect destination to avoid cold weather, it’s also where you want to swim during summer time! Lagoons and perfect blue bays won’t disappoint your thirst for vitamin sea.


Is Malta expensive?


Malta is surprisingly affordable!  This article will help you make the most of your cheap holidays to Malta by sharing with you my budget tips and recommendations.


Where is Malta and how to get there

Malta is a tiny archipelago located in the Mediterranean sea.  We could say it’s between Italy and Tunisia.  The International Airport is located on Malta Island in Luqa.  The Maltese archipelago is composed of three islands; Malta, Gozo and Comino.

You can find cheap flights to Malta from pretty much anywhere in Europe.  To give you a rough idea, I managed to find round-trip flights for those prices in March 2017.

From London: EUR 50

From Paris: EUR 150

From Amsterdam: EUR 159

From Rome: EUR 34

From Valencia: EUR 40


Obviously, these prices are only there to show you it’s possible to find cheap flights to Malta.  Prices will change depending on your location, the season and deals!  I went to Malta back in January 2017 and it cost me EUR 35 for a round-trip from England.  Low-cost airlines like Ryanair are pretty affordable, aren’t they?


Where to stay in Malta

There are many beautiful areas around Malta and Gozo and you should definitely check out your dream itinerary before picking the location for your accommodation.  You might want to be around your bucket list items or even centralised so you can access places easily.  Also, if you’re planning to use public transport to get around, you should consider being close to a bus station.

Many hotels are located between St-Julian’s and Valletta.  Then, another popular place would be St-Paul’s Bay.  There are also hotels in Gozo which I’d recommend if there are many spots you’d like to see while you’re there.  This way you could split your holiday, spend a few days in Gozo and a few more days in Malta.

Personally, I stayed in St-Paul’s Bay as it was close to a bus station and I could find an affordable apart-hotel.  I was after a kitchenette to cook my own meals while I was there.  I wasn’t there for the scenery, but because it was easy to get around Malta from there.  Although, depending on your itinerary, it could be different for you.

There are also many great rooms/apartments that are worth looking on AirBNB for.  Get your discount now!

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Hostels in Malta

If you’d rather stay in hostels, most of them are located around St-Julian’s and Sliema.  If you’re thinking of spending a few nights in Gozo, you need to keep in mind that they are going to be a bit more expensive.


How to get around

Public transport is cheap!  During winter, it’s EUR 1.50 and during summer, it’s EUR 2.00.  The transfer time is good for two hours, so you can easily re-use one ticket if you need to.  I calculated everything to avoid repaying tickets many times and I saved a lot of money this way.  

There are other options like the Explore Card that gives you unlimited travel for 7 days for EUR 21 or the 12 Single Day Journeys Card which is valid for a whole family for EUR 15.  You can find more information about these cards here.

From the International Airport, you can pick one of the express buses (same fares) to reach your destination easily.  

Maltese public transport is affordable, but some routes are less popular than others.  You have to keep in mind that some of them are only once or twice an hour.  Sometimes, buses will be there earlier, some other times, buses will be running late and some other times, you won’t even see a bus.  What I mean by that is that you might have to switch your patience on!  

To reach Gozo or Comino, there are daily and regular ferries available from Cirkewwa.  Kindly note that you might not be able to get to Comino during the winter as it’s more popular for swimming during the summer.  The fare for a walking passenger is around EUR 4.00 for a round-trip.


Car hire in Malta

Next time I go to Malta, I’d love to hire a car to get around as I’d have the possibility to see more in little time. Renting a car in Malta is surprisingly cheap. In the end, it could be cheaper than using public transport especially if you’re not travelling alone.


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Eating out

As mentioned above, I cooked my own meals most of the time.  I couldn’t resist eating out on the Golden Beach and in front of Marsaxlokk Bay.  I found that meals were pretty affordable (less than EUR 10).

Other than that, if you’re planning on cooking your own meals, grocery and supermarkets are a bit more expensive than the normal prices around Europe as most of the products need to be imported.


Why is Malta so affordable?

Most of the attractions in Malta can be seen for free.  The hidden Maltese beauty is found everywhere even from the long bus ride.  Coastal views are unique and are accessible.  I didn’t spend any money to visit the best places in Malta.  That’s what makes it even more perfect!


Verdict: I managed to keep my trip pretty cheap while I was in Malta.  Yes, it is possible to go on a cheap holiday in Malta!



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