I’m a free spirit.  My life fits in my backpack (unless I go on a short holiday, then I steal my boyfriend’s suitcase).  My life also fits in 2 or 3 draws and a box that is waiting for me with all my winter clothes and some fancy underwear.  Moving overseas had to involve a few sacrifices.
I’m not a fan of possessions… anymore.  The intense shopping sessions every weekend are over.  In fact, I feel guilty when I need to buy a new t-shirt or even a new bikini.  The time where my wardrobe was so big and quite compelling is dead.  Sad truth; I can live with a lack of fashion as I prefer to invest in my next flight ticket.
Am I a minimalist? I don’t even know the true meaning behind this. But, I do know a thing or two.  I can’t complain about my lifestyle. Although. I feel quite overwhelmed by it sometimes.


Between the blog, my freelance contracts and my travel plans, I lose my head at least once every hour.  See, the chicken running headless here; it’s me. Fortunately, every time I discover a new landscape, I’m more than happy to enjoy a temporary distraction.


Hang on Mel.  Are you saying that living abroad is overwhelming?

That living abroad isn’t always THE dream?


Kind of.

Is there anything I can do to cut the stress out of my life while I’m abroad?

Being organized could be a start.  Being a big compulsive planner could also be a thing.

Let me rephrase this; is there anything FUN I can do to make me appreciate my life abroad a little bit more?


Live Abroad - Wales RoadTrip

Discovering Wales, UK


How to stay sane while you’re abroad especially if you’re an expat:


Remember why you’re here and how it could be somewhere else (somewhere else like… you know; home).

Sorry Dad.  Every time I think of home, I kind of have this awful bitter taste in my mouth.  Normally, it’s followed by a disgusted face that lasts for at least five seconds.  I’ve been living/working/travelling abroad for nearly three years now, and somehow I had to deal with life.  Life isn’t always perfect and it comes with its lots of crappy minutes too.  *And here I am, remembering my glorious-not-so-glamorous days on a dairy farm in Australia.*

When I think about my life from before, I can’t even recognize myself.  It feels like this life doesn’t belong to me anymore.

So here I am, feeling a bit more grateful for what I have and ready to handle these “PMS” kind of days.


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Bring the spark back between you two.

Once upon a time, you fell in love with this place, with this new country.  You felt welcomed.  You were at your best, super energized with your sexy vibes ready for the biggest flirt of your life.  A few months later, you might have lost interest.  You might want to seek a new challenge, a new goal.  Perhaps, you feel a bit homesick, perhaps, you’re doubting yourself.  You know; you and your big (crazy) plans!

What’s your favorite food here?  Are you going to miss it when you’re gone? Do you know where’s the best restaurant in town?

Have you discovered the secret spots?  Did you enjoy a sunset?  When was the last time you were exploring your surroundings?  

Get out and explore!

It’s human to get into a routine, to forget or even to take something for granted.  Open up your mind!


Sometimes, you just need a hit (or another trip).

Perhaps, you simply reached the point where you should introduce yourself to the neighbors.  Have you discovered the cities/countries around you? You should make the most of the area while you’re there, shouldn’t you?

While I was in Asia, I surprised myself missing my Australian comfort.  Like what, time apart can give you the fix you’re looking for.

Every time I leave the UK, I’m craving gravy and roast potatoes.  Okay, I know, this example sucks, but it’s true.  We miss the little things and these are the kind of things I also miss from home.  Food is comforting (or is it just me?).


Uluru - Australia Live Abroad

Road-Tripping in Australia


Make yourself at home.

Go get yourself some slippers.  Seriously, it will feel so homely.  Sometimes, it feels great to do the kind of things we’d normally do; like watching your favorite TV show or spending hours on Netflix.  

Make sure your bed is comfy enough and simply relax when you need to.

After all, you chose your home or at least the temporary one.


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Moving overseas is a big decision. It can be so much fun, stressful or even very tiring!  Taking your backpack on another side of the globe means you’re about to drop your dreams in to another reality for a bit.

Be patient. Be loving.  Be tender.  Perhaps, it’s not as sexy as a love affair, but still, it’s extremely exotic!

Are you an expat?  A digital nomad?


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What are your best tricks or tips to cope with your life abroad when it gets complicated or tiring?


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