Oh winter.  I thought I had managed to escape winter for good.  Sigh.  Well.  It didn’t happen, did it?  Now, since I left the Southern hemisphere, I’m dealing with England, AKA Infinite Grey Sky.  Fair enough, it’s not as cold as it could be (Canadian speaking!).
Winter getaways are pretty popular in Canada.  It’s cold and this seems to be a smart move to follow the sun! Here are four killer reasons why a mid-winter holiday might be just the right thing for you.

Beat your winter woes

Let’s face it, as festive and lovely as Christmas is, winter is still the most depressing time of year. (Okay, perhaps not in Australia, but on this side of the planet, it is!) Nights are already here at 3pm and for some reason, the sky stays that way even longer in the morning- heck, even the days are dark! (Hello England!) And it’s cold, so cold you can see your breath most days. A winter getaway gives you a welcome reprieve from the cold and the mundane and injects a little bit of much-needed sunshine into your winter. You don’t even have to travel that far away to get it; the Canary Islands are a four hour trip away and are renowned for their year-round sunshine and stable temperatures of 20 degrees. Get your swimwear and tankinis online and jet off in the sun.  This sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?


Experience holidays abroad

Going away over the Christmas period seems to be quite weird for some of us, but it’s definitely well worth it; everyone should experience the glory of holidays  in a foreign country.  Between cold Christmas markets and intense New Years Eve parties, you will find everything you need abroad! Who would say no to a trip to Iceland to see the awesome wonder of the Northern Lights or a bathe in a natural sauna. If you’re after an epic sunny Christmas, jet off to the other side of the world and enjoy one of those traditional barbecues on the beach down-under in Australia. If you go abroad for the holidays you’re guaranteed to experience a whole new way of doing Christmas, and forge some wonderful, magical holiday memories with your loved ones.


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Somehow, it’s even cheaper

Winter sun is often cheaper than summer sun, for the simple reason that not as many people go. It’s probably the thought of winding up somewhere that’s either just as cold or, even worse, even colder than where you jetted off from that puts people off. While the price may spike a little during the Christmas holiday season, the price for a holiday in, say, November or January, is typically significantly less than a holiday to the same destination in June. For some places – particularly those in the Southern Hemisphere – winter is the ideal time to visit, too, giving you supreme value for money.


Get your hands in the snow

As cold as winters are here at home, they’re usually very obviously lacking in snow. Skiing, snowboarding and even building snowmen are out of the question most winters, when snow is replaced by depressing rain, sleet and hailstone. Head to Norway or the French Alps for a truly snow-filled Christmas. Learn new tricks and spend your nights drinking hot cocoa in a log cabin. While swapping England for somewhere that’s even colder might not be everyone’s cup of tea, a winter getaway to somewhere that’s brimming with snow is an excellent opportunity to step out of your comfort zone entirely and try-out winter sports. (The Canadian in me says yes!)

Where would you go this winter?



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Disclaimer: This post was written in collaboration with Simply Be.  As always all opinions are my own!  Happy travels!