Where would you go if you could go back in time?  Hold on. Is “where” the right word here?  Should it be “when” instead?  How cool would it be to time travel?  Would you rather go visit the future?  Or would you go back in time?
As far as I know, time travel isn’t available yet. #KeepDreaming
What if you could still travel and imagine what it looked like in the past?  I get it, it’s not time travel, but it’s close enough, isn’t it?
*In this exact moment, Mel (that’s me) is showing you a new travel app you should download now.
Ahem.  Let me introduce you to my new travel companion; OldView.


What the heck is OldView?

OldView is a new travel app that allows you to re-live a moment by showing you historical photographs on your phone so you can compare them with the view right in front of you.  Obviously, the world has changed a lot and it’s quite interesting to see how much it did.

OldView uses a map so you can discover new places around you (and the old version of them).  If you want to share your new captures with the world, feel free to do so.  All pictures can also be found at the exact location where they were originally taken.

As you travel your way around the world, you get notifications from the app as soon as you come across corresponding images and locations.

Special features:
  • Check out historical images straight from your mobile on a geotagged map;
  • Get notified when you’re nearby a historical place;
  • View images and read historical information about a place;
  • Compare what’s in front of you with the old version of this place;
  • Contribute to OldView by sharing your captures with the world.

How to use OldView:

Once you have downloaded OldView (click here to download), you access a map which gives you an overview of what’s nearby.  You can click on the pictures and you will get more information about it by clicking on the information point.  This app becomes a great source of information as you go.

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You can also create a plan by searching for your upcoming destinations.  Then, you can add those places to your planner to save it for later.


How to contribute to OldView:

To add your pictures to OldView, you click on contribute.  You will select your pictures and your location.  Then, other travellers are going to be able to like or comment on your pictures.


Why should we all use OldView?

  1. It is a great tool for those interested by history.  You won’t necessarily have to pay for a guide if you can create your own itinerary around your interests.
  2. This new travel app is an original way to capture different angles as a photographer.  If you like what you see you can try to reproduce a new version of a historical place.
  3. It helps you find hidden treasures you wouldn’t know about just by walking around.
  4. It is a great source of information to learn more about your current destination.
  5. OldView is a new travel app and you should give it a try!

Download OldView Now!  What do you think of this app?


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Disclaimer: This post was written in collaboration with OldView.  As always, all opinions are my own.  I think OldView is an original way to travel.  Happy travels!