Dear 2015,

I spent 12 months with you.

12 months of travelling, of crossing discomfort borders… and of pure love.

2015, you made me happy. 

There is a story behind every picture… Enjoy my broken ones.


In 2015, I met my first Kangaroo.

Happiest moments

It was in January.  I had been in Australia for two months and Kangaroos were still a myth.  So, on that day, I decided to get out of Sydney and head to Morisset Park. Friendly kangaroos everywhere = Happiness.

In 2015, I fell in love with another backpacker.

Happiest moments 2

I met him in February. A polite and kind English Gentleman. Since then, we travel together around Australia, road-tripping and camping across the Country while working here and there. This picture has been taken in Philip Island when we were waiting for the Penguins Parade! By the way, United Kingdom, I can’t wait to meet you!

In 2015, I discovered the happiest place in Australia.

Happiest moments 3

Western Australia, you’ve got some of the nicest spots! Well, I was pleased when I found Lucky Bay. This is Australian’s paradise.

In 2015, I became a (pause)(-insert a not very polite word here-) dairy farmer.

Happiest moments 4

As I am on a working holiday visa, I also need to work, right?  Well, I became an expert in dairy farming. So, why am I listing this in my happiest moments of 2015? Because, I’m simply proud of myself. Picture the old version of Melissa: Never touched a cow, never worked on a farm, not really an animal lover (I was too scared). Well, looks like Australia did something with me.  Do you love cows? I do (now). And I have lots of respect for them as they carry in average 10 to 30 litres of milk so you can have an enjoyable coffee. (Okay, it really looks like I have a big crush on cows, isn’t it?)

In 2015, I decided to start

Happiest moments 5

I was bored in my remote house around the farm and as I love writing, I thought that I should try to write in English. I still can’t believe that you are reading this right now.  I wonder what’s the most challenging part… Pretend to be English or try to read what that girl (that’s me!) is writing.  Anyway, good job guys!  Because of you, I’ve been published a few times on the Huffington Post and Elite Daily.  Perhaps, they had pity for me, who knows?

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In 2015, I travelled solo to Japan.

Happiest moments 6

I was dreaming about Japan, so I did it. All by myself.  Challenging. People are booking tours. I don’t.  So, who’s the craziest one?  I don’t know, but I am certainly proud when I look back at it!  Read my first impressions and my tips to make the most of your trip!

In 2015, I met the happiest deer.

Happiest moments 7

I was on the web trying to decide where I wanted to go in Japan, when I discovered Nara.  Well, now that I am an animal lover, I had to feed some deer out there. It was simply hilarious.  I am still amazed by my videos (I’ve got too many!). By the way, have you seen my video of Japan?

In 2015, I saw more than 500 kangaroos in two hours.

Happiest moments 8

On that day, I was on the edge of the Outback in Australia.  We saw more than 500 kangaroos (and I’m not kidding as it’s probably even more than that!).  I couldn’t get a good shot of it. I told the boyfriend that I would be so pleased to see a kangaroo with a baby in its “pocket“. (Does it sounds funny? YES! I didn’t know that you, English people, you call it a pouch and a joey). Anyway, the next day, we walked in a National Park and we discovered them.  I probably cried (I can’t remember).  But, it was perfect.

In 2015, I faced the bloody rain to see a glacier.

Happiest moments 10

Who’s Big Frank?  Perhaps, you know him as Franz-Josef Glacier.  Well, it’s kind of wet down there.  Oh.  And cold.  Anyway, the boyfriend and I were not very prepared (as usual) for a rainy day our trip to New Zealand.  So, of course, it rained.  A lot. We were soaking wet. And he lost his voice for three days.

In 2015, I took a swing in New Zealand.

Happiest moments 9

When I decided to go to Australia, I knew that I’ll have to go to New Zealand at some point. I also had a goal: Bungee Jumping. Well, it turned out that I tried a different kind of Bungee;  I took a swing instead!

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What were your happiest moments of 2015?

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My Happiest Moments of 2015, featuring Australia, Japan and New Zealand - A Broken Backpack

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