Who am I going to follow in 2016?

2015 is almost finished! Happy New Year guys!  I started blogging nearly 6 months ago.  Time flies when you love what you do, right? I discovered tons of travel blogs since I started.  As I am very busy I won’t be able to follow everybody…  But, I will certainly follow these ones! So, here are the bloggers on my list for 2016.

Nomadic Boys

The Nomadic Boys enjoying a romantic moment at Beijing's Summer Palace.

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What if a gay couple travels the World?

Stefan (lovely Greek guy) and Sebastien (lovely French guy) are blogging about their travel stories, their food discoveries and their misadventures.  Bonus: these guys are not afraid of what others think. They are simply hilarious!

Have a crush on them and on their cutest and funniest pictures!  I definitely recommend that you follow them on Instagram.

The Blog Abroad

What if the funniest girl ever travels the World on a budget?

I discovered Gloria as she has been listed in the Top Female Travel Bloggers on the Rise. Then, I noticed that she was killing it… everywhere; on my Facebook feed, on Instagram, on her blog… And wherever she goes!  Did I mention how funny she is? She is such an inspirational travel (and nutella) addict.

Have a crush on her and on her honest sense of humour. Want to verify if she is as funny as I pretend? Check this out!

Dan Flying Solo

What if a photographer goes out there?

Dan is one of the best photographer I know (well, does it count if I know the online version of him?). Anyway, he is also a great writer with his own way of thinking. He would be the one asking a granny what she thinks about a nomadic lifestyle or the one having a travel quotes crisis.

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Have a crush on him and on his gorgeous pictures by following him on Instagram!

The Broke Backpacker

What if a backpacker travels from the UK to Papou New Guinea without a single flight?

That’s what Will is doing right now.  Don’t miss his stories from the road as he is backpacking on a budget.  Will isn’t only enjoying an epic trip.  He is a true adventurer. You could call him crazy, I call him inspiring.  He will inspire you to ditch your desk to go out there.

Have a crush on him, on his honesty and on his best stories by following his adventure.

Heart my backpack

Sarajevo easily claimed a place in my heart – what a beautiful city!

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What if a shy backpacker travels literally everywhere? (I’m also including Iran!)

I simply love Silvia’s blog. She is hilarious too. And sarcastic.  And I guess a bit crazy as she travelled off the beaten path more than once! Picture this: she travelled alone in Iran. Well, I can’t be as brave as her. (Okay, Turkey, you might not helping here!) She travelled in 70 countries and is currently based in Norway.

Have a crush on her, on her funny stories across the globe and make sure to have a read to her blog.

My life’s a movie

What if a pretty girl travels solo?

I started to follow Alyssa as she was also listed in the Top Female Travel Bloggers on the Rise. And then, I noticed, I was already reading some of her stuff on The Huff Post without even noticing. Her writing is great… and her pictures are certainly going to sparkle your wanderlust! She shares her tips but also her reality as a solo traveller and as a travel blogger and how sometimes, it ruins her life.

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Have a crush on her, on her epic journey and on her amazing pictures on Instagram!

Café Con Leche

What if a couple films the world while dancing?

Diego and Gloria are travelling around the world and are the best video makers… ever.  And I’m not kidding. They say what they have to say without a cute filter. I love their honesty and their marginality. Check this and this to understand what I mean.

Have a crush on them, their no-filer honesty and their great videos!

Journalist on the run

What if a journalist runs across the globe? (Okay. Am I exaggerating here?)

Janet has been blogging for 5 years. And she travelled a lot (50 countries!). She is sharing her tips as a traveller and also as a blogger. There is a living abroad section on her blog that could inspire you to “settle” out there. If you are wondering how you could quit your job to travel the world (and become a travel writer), you will probably enjoy her post: How I quit my job to travel the world.

Have a crush on her, on her greatest tips on her Instagram!

The Social Girl Traveler

What if a solo female backpacker quits New York to travel the World?

I follow Jen’s adventure since the beginning of my “blogging unpaid carreer”. I fell for her epic decisions.  That girl quit her corporative life, saved money and jumped on a plane. Planning her trip to South-East Asia, she also decided to add some weight in her backpack… Believe it or not, she brought some water filters so she can distribute them to villages that she visited and that needed clean water.

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Have a crush on her as she surfs around the globe and puts herself out of her cosy zone by following her on Youtube.

If you managed to land here for the very first time, I’m Mel and this is my blog; A Broken Backpack.

#NZ, you make me #happy!

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What if a backpacker travels with debts while dealing with massive doses of craziness?

I’m travelling on a tiny budget. And that’s okay. I tend to travel “on the slow” and I love it that way! Currently in Australia, I ended up living on a farm in English. Completely out of my comfy zone, I’m enjoying the challenge.

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Travel bloggers to follow in 2016 - A Broken Backpack

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