2 months;

29,000 page views

20,000 visitors, Wow!

I’m still in shock. I give myself the right to be excited … A Broken Backpack is doing well and this is well beyond my expectations! After only two little months, I also give myself the right to be proud. It was not in my intention to start writing blogging tips as newbie-blogger … until I started to receive mails, until some people ask me to write about my secret tips…

So many good bloggers across the too large blogosphere and there are people who dare read my blog? Hell, yeah. (Hoping that my cheeky instant rudeness does not make you run away now!)

Worse: I’m not even perfectly bilingual and some people dare read my imperfect words (?!).

When I started, I asked many questions to different successful bloggers.  Unfortunately, I was not always happy with their typical answers.  Many of them, I have to admit, did not give me what I was really looking for (something different!).  I really do hope that my secret tips will help you.  I’ll be insanely happy if you can find at least one refreshing new tip!

My next goal is going to be about keeping my readers on the blog!  So far, I am not complaining! 

I read, I tried and I did it ​​my way

Since the beginning, I started to observe the blogs I love and discover new ones.

“What do I like? What I do not like? How could I be different? “

I read tons of posts offering tips to increase blog traffic. Most of them are similar, blablating on the same tips and lacking freshness. The truth is that every website needs different strategies as every niche is different. The tips I propose are therefore those that work for me according to my niche.

As I am excessive (broken here again), I tried everything that I read and I decided to spend more time on what worked for me.

I was told that if I could reach 10,000 views in the first year, it would be great …(!?) I also learned to say thank you and simply ignore.

The most common tip: Your Niche

“Whom Are You Writing For? What kind of readers would you like to get? How can you reach them?”

An example, a real one:

Whom Are You Writing For?

I write for backpackers, travelers without a budget, solo travelers (especially for ladies), expats working abroad…

I write for those who think they don’t have enough money to live their wildest dream, for those who are afraid of making the move, for those who hopes secretly to leave their jobs and sell their material life to go see the world.

What kind of readers would you like to get?

Of course, I will refer to my previous answer and I would also add that I would love to have an audience of bloggers, tourism companies, etc.

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How can you reach them?

The backpackers are obviously not on Twitter.  I can find them on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Backpackers are members of backpacking groups on Facebook.

Good news: I’m in Australia, that’s my main topic at the moment and there are tons of groups of backpackers in Australia!

Design that kills

What is the first impression you will have if you land on your blog?

In two months, I changed my logo three times. The goal was simple: I want to be professional and give you a good impression. I am not a graphic designer (I wish, it could be useful!), but I use Canva.

I also had to pay for my theme, but at least I am no longer ashamed of my blog.  I signed up with Elegant Themes.



The second most common tip: Your content

“Does your content is interesting for others?”

Simple question; honest answer.

If your answer to ” Whom Are You Writing For? ” is your little yourself; mission accomplished!

“Do you write with passion?”

My two favourite posts have become viral (viral is not the good word… but compare to my other post, it is!) on Facebook! I am especially proud of them because I really enjoy writing these pieces.

5 reasons why the unlucky ones travel was my first real success. The very first day my post had more than 1,000 shares through Facebook. I was in shock.

10 Things I won’t tell my parents about my nomadic life was my second success and quickly became the biggest one.

The truth is that I much prefer writing about my nomadic reality through my adventures, my experiences. I prefer to write with passion rather than writing a specific post on a city, a region or a hotel. I let you write on these subjects. (Am I being cheeky again?)

“Does your content is scannable?”

I would like to tell you that I read every word you write, but most of the time, I scan everything before making the decision to read or not. Indulge yourself with catchy titles, subtitles and lists.

“Are you proud of your content?”

Before publishing a post, I make sure that I am humbly proud of what I wrote. I made the mistake during my first couple of weeks to publish too quickly. I am most proud of my recent posts. If you are not completely proud of your work, it is probably better to edit it until you are proudly happy!



Be social, more social and social +++

During my first week, I signed up to all the dominant social medias (Twitter, Facebook (page), Instagram, Pinterest and Google +). I will probably elaborate more about them in the future.

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Facebook (1st reference in terms of clicks):

If I only have a few subscribers to my page, it’s still my first reference. I mentioned, above, that my niche was mainly on Facebook and that’s why! If the content is good, it will be shared … and if it’s more than good, it will become viral!

Twitter (2nd reference in terms of clicks):

This is where you want to be to network and to connect with other bloggers. When I started, I followed tons of bloggers every day until I reached 1000 followers. Now I’m only following the ones I really want to follow. When I discover a new blog, I make sure I follow them.  I use Crowdfire to thank my new subscribers and Buffer to schedule my Tweets.

The number of Tweets per day is controversial. I usually tweet between 25-30 times a day (even more some days …) the same tweets on repeat (or at least, the best ones!) And I have almost no unfollowers.  My theory is simple: if my subscribers have more than 1,000 followers, they won’t see all my Tweets.  Here is an example: 2 or 3 times a week I can read my favourite blogger tweets directly on my feedpage. How is this possible? The chance that he will publish a Tweet just when I’ll refresh my page is… so tiny.

I also participate to retweet thread which helps me to get more followers and more clicks via the Facebook group We Travel – We blog and Under1000Club.


Pinterest is not my favourite social media but I pinterest my life anyway. I put a lot of energy in it as it’s apparently the reference # 1 for most bloggers. Since I realized that, I make sure that all my photos are “Pinterest Friendly” and I use Canva again! I joined group boards, I pin too much and you will find me to the Repin threads via another Facebook group; Pinterest for Travel Bloggers.

Secret Tips to increase your blog traffic - After two months of blogging, from 0 to 29 000 views - A Broken Backpack

Pin it!


Instagram is not a way to get referrals, but rather a way to get credibility. Subscribers are simply fans. I participated in a challenge which helped me to get more followers.

Network, even if you are socially exhausted

Read, comment, share, repeat. So simple, isn’t it? Most of the time when I comment on a post, I get referent clicks to my blog. Sharing is the key. If you like what you read, you should share it. “Sharing is Caring” is a slogan that you will see a lot in the blogosphere and it’s simply true.

My tip: Tweet it and share it on Facebook with a mention to the Facebook page. The lucky blogger will know that you have shared his content and will likely be attracted to your own blog. It’s a win-win.

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When I started, I made the mistake of focusing on new blogs (I was a bit too shy I guess). Then I realized that it would be more useful to read and comment on “big” blogs. Don’t get me wrong here, I discover new blogs too.  I try to focus on my bloggingships with active, friendly and “sharing” bloggers.

I also write a few guest posts (you can find them here!) and it would not be possible without the Networking. Good news; A Broken Backpack also accept your contributions.

I am also a member of Bloglovin’ and Girls Vs Globe (another Facebook group which helped me to get new connections)! Besides, I started thinking about building my own group … Is this a good idea?

Update sep, 15: Well… Looks like I have my own group now! Join my tribe!

Give your time and maximizes it

I work full time … and I blog full time. (Have I already mentioned that I was excessive?) I spend a lot of time blogging, but I love writing, socializing and traveling. I give my time because I do believe in my capacities. I give my time because I am blogging with passion. There will always be a lot of things to do … and I probably have already too many to do lists… I’ll get there!

My tip: Maximize your time. How? I use every visit to the bathroom to jump into Instagram, Pinterest, Bloglovin ‘or StumbleUpon. Who thought that I could be social in my own bathroom?

Can I quit my full time job now? No, not just yet. I am still building my credibility, my audience.

One day, someone asked me what was my biggest dream and as she was not satisfied with my answer, she told me that life would have bigger plans for me.

So keep in mind your craziest dream in terms of blogging … And, now dare to dream bigger, I am telling you that life has better plans for you.

Now, I’ve got some good news.

I am so happy and excited to tell you that I received an email. The HuffPost approached me because they want to publish 10 things I won’t tell my parents about my nomadic life.

I am probably still jumping somewhere shouting my happiness while you are reading this.

Following the success of 5 reasons why the unlucky ones travel, I was approached by websites in Australia. One of them made ​​me an offer. We’ll see how it goes from now!

I am so happy. I do what I love. And I look forward to discovering what life holds for me.


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