Quit my job, my “day to day routine,” my comfort and my stable life to find happiness somewhere else was probably the best thing I ever did. In spring 2013, I sold everything (what kept me in Quebec), with the exception of my car (so I can keep all the rest of my stuff in one place). A few weeks later, I flew to Europe. My return was earlier than expected (And yes, I am still mad at you , Turkey) (Okay, that’s for another story), but I was relieved of all that material who was holding me back. So, it was easier to leave again the next summer.

Most of the time, people are telling me that I am “lucky”. Is it really luck? My answer is definitely NO! It is a choice, a priority. Making money for travelling is my main and my only priority since a few years. Everyone does what he wants with his money, I travel.

How to choose a perfect “timing”? Let me tell you that there are no perfect moments. You will never be enough ready for it. You take a ”timing” and you make it perfect.

  1. Tell me how much money you have and I’ll tell you where to go

Unfortunately, the budget influences (a way too much) the destination. With a dream plan in mind, it’s easy to make it happens. You, first, need enough money to book your flight. And it is all a matter of choices, tricks and time. Last year, I left with less than $ 700 to go to Western Canada and Hawaii (without the prices of the flights, which are $ 260 to fly to Vancouver and $ 500 for a round trip from Vancouver to Hawaii). My plan was to go to work in the West to travel / work. I became a professional hitchhiker and I saved a bunch of money on those trips. My two months turned into five months with a new plan in mind, Australia.  I arrived in Australia with less than $ 2,000 with a Working Holiday Visa in hand, and I still survive.

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There are many destinations where you can survive with a short budget and there are various ways to travel longer with a mini budget. And here I am not talking about luxury travel; I’m talking about sharing your trip with the true people on Couchsurfing, HelpX, Workaway, Workcamp, etc.(Click here to understand what it’s all about…)

  1. You are living for an unlimited time, why keep what holds you back

It is the time to sell what is holding you back home. This material who makes your life prettier, what you don’t really need. The advantage is simple; you will have more money to travel. If I left my parent’s house several years ago, my conscience knows that on my return, it will have to come back there, but it is an excellent compromise. Plus, I promise you an absolute liberation feeling.

  1. Time to quit your job
5 steps to create the perfect timing- A Broken Backpack

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How many travel quotes begin with “quit your day job”? This is essential. Unless you have the chance to take a vacation for unlimited time, or regular short holidays, it is a “must”. This stage of the process can be liberating or terrifying, all depending on your relation with your job.

Done it twice, I’m not really scared of this crazy idea since I do not care what I will do for living, as long as I can keep travelling. I still have time to find the ideal steady job later if I want, but I will not always have the time (and health) to travel.

  1. Prepare the minimum

The minimum is the backpack that will contain what remains of “your life.” The minimum is also what you need to know or plan about this trip. The minimum does not know.  It is to keep surprises and flexibility for later. It is to make your personal “bucket list” of this adventure.

  1. Get a tan, fall in love, find yourself
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Yes, it is following of the “Quit your day job, book a flight.” It’s the adventure. This is the main reason why you will not regret to take a «timing» and make it perfect.

How do you set your perfect timing? Need a push? Read this! Or this!